My Story

Hi, I’m Chris … but most people call me Doctor Daigle.

And I was always involved in business, in one way or another.

If you knew me in fifth grade, you probably bought a candy bar from my outlaw locker stash, and I probably made a handsome profit off of ya 😉

If you knew me in 1991, we were probably marching double time in bootcamp at Ft. Leonard Wood, in the sticky Missouri summer. The military taught me many things, but the most valuable lesson was how far hard core discipline could take me.

If you knew me in 1995, we may have met on the beach in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (where I was living), and talked about the hyper growth of my Dominican Republic-based cigar company and how it had all started with me recognizing the gap in the marketplace between Caribbean supply and voracious stateside demand.

If you knew me in 1999 when I was working with Accenture (a Fortune 500 Global company), I was probably helping your company add a few hundred million to the bottom line.

If you knew me in 2001, I was sitting in my hotel room in Jacksonville, working on an SAP implementation for Accenture, and saw a Carlton Sheets commercial promising I could make a fortune in Real Estate. That good old-fashioned direct response TV worked, and I couldn’t resist - I picked up the phone and bought his course. Within 3 years of that phone call, I had flipped over 50 houses.

If you knew me in 2002, we were probably celebrating Mardi Gras and I was telling you all about my very first  website I had just launched,, and how there was this whole world of “internet marketing”. That website ended up being a pioneer SaaS site that helped thousands of foreclosure investors do hundreds of millions in real estate short sales, and was sold in 2008 right before the crash 😉

If you knew me in 2008, you saw me riding a rocketship, scaling up a direct mail marketing business and mailing millions of pieces of direct response physical mail. And you saw me get my ass kicked from scaling too fast. Boy were there some lessons learned and experience gained. Want to know how direct mail can help you grow like mad? Let’s talk.

If you knew me in 2010, I was helping Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher grow Idea Incubator (the genesis of, taking their affiliate sales from 30% of their revenue to 70% of their revenue in less than 9 months. Want to know how to build an affiliate program like that? Let’s talk.

If you knew me in 2012, you and I were doing big things with Agora’s top division, Stansberry & Associates, where I was the Director of Business Development. The first year I was there, we did $150m+ in revenue - the most any division of Agora had ever done up to that point. Want a business strategy that gets results like that? Let’s talk.

If you knew me in 2014, you were probably a client of my telephone sales floor, Federated Phone Systems, and my team and I were crushing sales for you. Want to know how phones can add $$$ to your customer LTV? Let’s talk.

If you knew me in 2017, Agora Financial had just brought me on to help them map out and execute a plan that helped them break $300m in revenue in 2018, the MOST any division of Agora had ever done (see a trend here?). Want a strategy for your business that will help you grow like you’ve always dreamed? Let’s talk.